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muriel e arthur

We could not have made a better choice of photographer to record this unique moment in our lives. Alex demonstrates his immense professionalism and sensitivity at all times, managing to capture moments in the best possible way and naturally.

gabriella e rafael


Hiring Alex Trinks' service was the best choice we could have made, for our wedding that was held during the day. Everything that was hired and combined was accomplished. The photos were great, pre-wedding, making of and wedding.

We were always attended to promptly by him and the concern with doing a different job was remarkable in each click. And besides the delivery of the photos is fast. I can only praise Alex's work and commitment to our wedding and making this moment unforgettable.

leticia e tiago


Alex Trinks was one of those "finds" when we were planning our wedding party. When I saw some photos with his signature, from a colleague's wedding, I was sure that the photography team could not be different. Alex, Tiago and I thank you for your love in covering this very special moment.

The material was wonderful and we wish you even more success in this profession that you embraced with such competence. Big kiss, and we will meet again at the party of the heirs to come! ahahaha ...

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